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Helping you to upskill your workforce.

Our Accredited Bodies:


Our Partners

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We offer value-added, trusted, reliable and flexible training solutions to suit all business sizes and industries.

We pride ourselves in building trust and long term partnerships with employers, of any size or industry. We aim to provide training solutions to meet your needs, and go the extra 10% to make that happen!  

In-house Development 


The online training courses provide a skillset to assist in-house project efficiencies and furthering their careers within an organisation.

For improvement to be meaningful, it must be sustainable. Investing in your staff CPD and completing our online  courses create a long-term, self-sustaining culture and behavioural change from within. 


This results in driving your business and staff forwards, reducing overheads, waste, staff turnover and more so that there are visible and tangible continual improvements.

Business Meeting

We offer a wide range of e-learning, accredited qualification and CPD lean training courses so that you can upskill your workforce with confidence. We build trust with our clients by choosing our tutors based on their vast level of experience and expertise and making sure our team is ready for your demands as and when you need us.


We offer:

  • ​A range of online, blended and in-person training to suit your needs.

  • We treat your team as individuals, aiming to create “personal and professional enrichment” for every person we train.

  • Our tutors are specialists in the courses -for example, our Lean management courses are taken by an industry-leading lean expert, having worked with the biggest companies across the globe to develop Lean methodologies.

  • We can support you with potential issues around the courses, such as travel and we are always at hand to offer professional advice if needed.

Giving Employers Confidence.

Train. Retrain. Sustain.


We operate a train, retain and sustain method for employers, which encourages employees to maintain a career of choice with an organisation that values them.


Mettle Training selects true components of best practice and benefits realisation to optimise your investment in professional development, increase productivity and provide accredited qualifications. We respect your investment and strive to show that when attending one of our specialist courses, value in all aspects is added.


We equip you with a real-time contextualised blended learning experience to enable you to understand, lead and influence future strategies, which is why we provide continued support beyond the duration of your first visit to Mettle Training.

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