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When physical one to one coaching is limited or not practical, we have to look at alternatives to sustainably coach and mentor our employees. Digitalisation is a powerful tool to reach people globally. No matter how widely spread your company there is always a requirement to follow and comply with standards. This Web App has been created to enable all employees to access the coaching material from any smart phone, tablet or desktop PC. Not only is this Web App useful for coaching and guidance, it is also a powerful tool for process governance and escalation. The utmost goal of distance coaching is to allow our processes to be maintained and continuously improved, delivering best practice in Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery.

The categories for the Web App have been taken from the Lean management approach. Lean, having derived from the Toyota Production System (TPS) is seen as at the forefront of company operating systems and has been adopted by many industries worldwide.

There are nine Lean categories within the Web App:

1 - Standardised Work

2 - 5S & Visual Factory

3 - Total Productive Maintenance

4 - Quick Changeover / SMED

5 - Just In Time

6 - Built In Quality

7 - People

8 - Safety & COVID 19

9 - Lean Layout

The Web App has been designed to allow certain functionality that will help mange and govern an implementation or to sustain processes that have been already established.

Category Rating: The Web App can either be purchased with a scaled 0-10 implementation rating or a simple Yes/No answer.

Comments: Each Question has a comments box to allow for escalation of problems. Management can reply to whole group via front                                   page comments section.

Category Governance: Each category sub section is time / date stamped with users name to indicate compliance to routine standards

Key Performance Indicators: Three major KPI's can be manually recorded. These can be customised on request.

Performance Report: A performance report can be viewed to see status of all areas, and can be printed for reference and historical data.

Distance Coaching explained

Coaching Categories 

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